Prices are based on a 3 hour rental period.
Additional hours can be added at a discounted price.
All events are fully staffed. (We often have items, specials, and package deals not listed online. Whether your needs are big or small, don’t hesitate to reach out via phone, email, or our contact form to discuss your needs with us.)

Game3 Hour Run Time
(*unless otherwise noted)
Each Additional
Money Machine
(Money not provided)
$185 alone,
$100 with any
other game
Victory Roll
$185 alone,
$100 with any
other game
Eliminator Skills
(not staffed by Game World)
Animal Kingdom$325$50
Enchanted Castle$325$50
Wacky Maze$350$50
High Voltage Kids Combo$350$50
Bungee Run$400$50
Human Darts$400$50
Sports Challenge$400$50
Bouncy Boxing$425$50
Bungee Basketball$450$50
Gladiator Joust$450$50
4-Way Pull$450$50
Extreme Sports Challenge$475$75
Rapid Fire$475$75
Adrenaline Obstacle Course (1 Piece)$500$50
Giant Slide Obstacle Course$550$75
Feud Trivia*
(1 hour)
Easy as 1 2 3 Trivia*
(1 hour)
Mega Thrill Obstacle Course$725$75
7 Element Obstacle Course$725$75
Race to the Top$750$75
Adrenaline Obstacle Course (2 piece)$760$75
NASCAN Sprinters$800$100
Jurassic Survivor Obstacle Course$850$75
Adrenaline Obstacle Course (3 piece)$850$75
Zorb Balls with Criss Cross Track$850$100
Speedway Racing$1,050$100
Mega Slide & Jump$1,050$100
Travel is not included in any pricing.

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